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Friday Webinar: Sound of Conversation in 5 Steps with Pecha Kucha
5/26/2023 - 5/26/2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Event Description

Pecha Kucha - the sound of conversation. Learn how to use this storytelling tool to help share information or communicate ideas. Pecha Kucha, Mini Pecha Kucha, and Ignite can all be used to get the message across in an organized and succinct way. Each type serves a purpose in delivering a message, sharing a story, and helping an audience to understand. Learn how to create each and experience the value of Pecha Kucha for teaching, learning, and communicating. Participants will be introduced to the three different styles related to Pecha Kucha and how to use these with different audiences. A template to follow will be shared to help guide participants through creating their own Pecha Kucha. In small groups, participants will work together to create then share out their Pecha Kucha. Resources will be provided to help you implement tomorrow.

Dr. Kelli Erwin has 20+ years in education as a classroom (K-2), tech apps (K-5) and GT (K-5) teacher, district administrator for instructional technology (K-12), professional development trainer, instructional design manager, and product owner. With a passion for understanding how we learn, Dr. Erwin keeps her focus on the science behind learning, best practices for pedagogy and andragogy and best practices for delivering virtual and in person learning opportunities. Her current focus is in the K-12 learning space.