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Friday Webinar Sep 29: Microaggressions in Online Learning: Toward creating a more inclusive and accessible learning environment
9/29/2023 - 9/29/2023

Presenter: Sheila Fry

Rooted in a perceived normalcy or cultural assumptions, microagressions are subtle comments and gestures that create a sense of difference from the established community among members of equity-seeking groups. Classrooms are one kind of community where microagressions occur. Ableist microaggressions are those that specifically impact people with disabilities. The impact of ableist microaggressions can be long-lasting and very destructive. One study (Ackerman-Barger, et al. 2021) found they can increase stress and depression while negatively impacting academic performance, including retention. To address these negative student outcomes, educators must also become familiar with microinterventions: 'Microinterventions are unintentional or intentional words or deeds that validate the targets' experiences, affirms their racial identity, and offers encouragement, support, and reassurance that the target is not alone (Sue et al., 2019). In this presentation Sheila Fry will demonstrate the imperative for instructional designers, educators, and online course facilitators to prevent, identify, and manage the three types of microaggressions in online classrooms and to use the three types of microinterventions as a tool in achieving inclusivity.
Location: Zoom Meeting

National Distance Learning Week 2023
11/6/2023 - 11/10/2023

The United States Distance Learning Association Presents the 16th Edition of National Distance Learning Week (NDLW)

This years webinars will focus on "How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Redefining Distance Learning"

We are delighted to extend an invitation for you to be part of NDLW, a captivating exploration of digital learning, with a special focus this year on artificial intelligence. Join the conversation and share insights in a vibrant, interactive virtual setting, all without any cost. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into the future of education!

There will be two to three sessions per day and each will be recorded for those who can't make it in person.

We expect the first daily session to start at Noon EST with the other daily sessions starting at 2PM and 4PM EST.

To see the latest schedule, please visit https://usdla.org/2023-ndlw/ 
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Registration ends on 11/10/2023